In colaboration With design researcher Lizette Reitsma, I created a research prototype of a recording and playback device meant for storing part of the culture of the South-African Bantwane tribe. As Reitsma explains it on her website:

Beadwork in the Bantwane tribe contains a lot of meaning and stories. By looking at the beadwork someone is wearing, you can, when you are taught the symbolism that lies behind the appearances of the beadwork, say a lot about the person wearing it. You will know the status this person has both in concerning marriage as well as in the community. You can say something about the life-events one passed through. But, unfortunately, because of westernization and the Bantwane culture being an oral culture resulting in no written documentation, those stories disappear. It is therefore important to find cultural-fitting solutions to preserve the stories and meaning of the rich traditional beadwork from the Bantwane tribe for the future. This is done by connecting “StoryBeads” to the original beadwork. Those StoryBeads are tags to record and recall a story. The StoryBeads are focussing on auditory interaction, fitting to the oral culture of the Bantwane tribe. The goal is to cause the stories not to get lost so that they are preserved for the future.