Market Hall

(2012 - 2013)

As part of the ongoing expansion and renewal of the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology, an innovative dynamic lighting system was installed in one of the renovated building. I was approached by the Intelligent Lighting Institue to create a platform for enable designers, researchers and light artists to experiment in this new system.

I created an intuitive, easy to use collection of applications that give easy access to the over 960 separate lighting channels available in the space. This system allows for static, animated and dynamic control of the LED fixtures. It offers a wide range of expansion possibilities using a variety of sensors through the Max/MSP visual programming platform.

After completing work on the platform, I was also involved developing a first application in collaboration with Daria Casciani, a lighting designer and researcher from Milan, Italy. We created a reactive system that employs motion and proximity sensors to monitor foot traffic within the space. I designed and created soft- and hardware using wireless sensor networks to give instant feedback to the system. The dynamic lighting reacts to and guides visitors inside the building. The video below was made by Casciani to show the system in action.

The current phase of this project involves expanding the interactive lighting environment to street lighting covering the entire new campus area.