In 2013, I worked with students from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Industrial Design Program to develop an exhibition for GLOW festival in Eindhoven. This yearly event that attracts 520.000 visitors over the course of 8 nights displays a variety of light-art works throughout the city. I helped students create and develop their concept and bring it into reality using an experimental public lighting system.

From the project website:

"Colours do not exist. They exist only in our minds and are the result of complex processes of observation, comparison and adjustment.
On a carpet of 240 meters long we demonstrate that you cannot believe your eyes. By changing the colour of the lighting only, immense patterns come to life. See how totally different colours can suddenly appear as one. Experience how red is not so red at all and suddenly can look as if it is yellow. Discover why it is that butterflies and bees can see things we cannot see.
IRIS was developed in a four week masterclass of OPENLIGHT, the creative lab of the Intelligent Lighting Institute of the TU Eindhoven, with six students of Industrial Design at TU/e. During the masterclass they experimented with colours and light and perceived totally different colours could blend together. They combined the power of the colour of light and the colour of material by using the newly placed RGB lamp posts on the Torenallee in Strijp-S (Eindhoven) and a 240 meter long vinyl carpet to show many effects in an innovative and creative way."