This was my graduation research for my MSc degree. 

I designed a musical instrument that uses home 3D printing as a mechanism to evolve along with its user.
The general implementation of this concept means that a “generation” of musical instruments get computer generated according to its own “DNA” code. User selection acts as the single “survival” criterium and determines which individual within a generation can survive. This individual can then “asexually reproduce”, passing its genetic code on to a further generation in which random mutation makes for diversity among its offspring. This sequence of events repeats indefinitely, making for an always changing musical instrument that will evolve along with its musician as they both change throughout time.

Through a series of prototypes and experiments, I explore and develop this concept and create a focussed, working implementation. The concept evolves from a purely acoustical instrument into a hybrid software/hardware instrument: a physical controller with a virtual audio engine, both of which change according to evolutionary principles.

For more detailed information, my full report on the project is available for download (PDF, 30MB).